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Stage Your Corporate Event to Help Improve Company Morale, Award Staff, Facilitate Trainings, Launch A Product or Service and Bring Awareness To Your Company’s Brand

These often consist of Team meetings or more intimate training sessions. These events may require room bookings, a location to host the meeting, refreshments, and registration. Although these are "Simple Events", they require attention to detail and strategic planning. 


Up To 100 Delegates

These host between 100 - 250 delegates and are likely to be trainings, seminars, or conferences. A stage set-up may be necessary, alternative rooms for break-out sessions and lunch. It will also be likely that audio-visual amenities will be required for the larger crowd as well the need to create a site for attendees to register online.  Transportation may also be something considered.


Up To 100 Delegates

These events are often company-wide conferences for up to 1,000 delegates or leadership summits. Creating a branded website and access to pre-event communications, are necessary considerations. Delegates may require hotel accommodations and transport which take attendees to and from the venue. While a prior to or post-event, a  reception or evening entertainment may be required as part of a complex multi-stream conference itinerary.


Up To 100 Delegates

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